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ZEN Electronics is an innovative, experienced and highly motivated software development partner. With our team of 20 people we deliver focused, reliable services in all stages of the software development life cycle. Established in 1992, ZEN Electronics has worked internationally since 1996 and has been a Microsoft Certified Partner (ISV Silver) since 2003.

Our stable team of top qualified software developers is experienced in both system and application development in MS Windows and Linux/UNIX.

We have built a professional Quality Assurance team with many years of training and experience in working with our own development team as well as working closely with our customers QA and development teams.

Excellent project management is instrumental to our ability to be a true partner in software development and add significant value above and beyond the single outsourced assignment.

Our international work started in 1996 when we began building advanced end‐point data protection products for PC Guardian Technologies, Inc. and, later, GuardianEdge Technologies, Inc. (acquired by Symantec Corp. in 2009). Through these partnerships, we have worked with development teams on the US East Coast and Pacific Time, in Russia, India and Australia.

We have 15 years of experience in the development of cryptographic products and possess a deep knowledge in applied cryptography. We have successfully developed and supported a FIPS 140‐2 certified cryptographic library, including AES, SHA‐1, SHA‐256, HMAC and PRNG implementations. We have implemented an Elliptic Curve PKI library and used it in various key management schemes like one‐time password protocols, secure credential distribution over a network and data authorization. Along with the custom libraries, we have also used popular cryptographic solutions such as OpenSSL and Microsoft CAPI.

Most of the encryption software we have implemented is Windows based (MS Visual, C++ and C#.NET). We have developed Windows system services and have experience with the operating system internals and the system logon mechanisms (GINA, Credential Providers, Network Providers). In our projects we have used the MFC library, developed and used COM objects, RPC communication, HTML and JavaScript for GUI implementation.

We have done a substantial amount of work in Linux as well. We have done Linux/UNIX system programming in C/C++ using the GCC compiler and related development tools. The projects involved Linux kernel driver support and development, kernel hack implementations, implementation of custom kernel loader and application level programming. In addition, we have knowledge in UNIX administration and scripting (bash, Perl). Because we have used both Linux and Windows environments in one and the same product, we have experience with porting and developing platform independent software.

We have participated in the development of large enterprise client‐server applications using technologies like MS Active Directory, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL. We have also successfully completed a project in application level of networking with custom load balancing.

Our past projects could hardly be described as “standard” applications and we have often encountered new areas and specific problems. We strive with the challenge and are always open minded and ready for expanding into new fields. 

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Rumen Kamenov
Founder & CEO

 tel: +359 888847210

e-mail: rumen@zen-electronics.com


ZEN Electronics

23 Nikola Vaptarov blvd
Sofia, 1407

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